Joe Kaminkow, who was important for the plan group for Stern’s The Beatles pinball machine, has as of late dropped various clues that Stern may finally have a Harry Potter pinball machine in transit. 

At the 2021 Virtual Pinball Expo, Kaminkow was brought together in an online class with the group that set up The Beatles pinball machine, when he several unsubtle Harry Potter signs that could be a clue concerning the state of what might be on the horizon. 

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In the transmission, Kaminkow presents the possibility of a Harry Potter pinball machine and afterward after Gary Stern has joined the course opens up further expressing, “Gary and I have concurred we won’t report our Harry Potter game today, however perhaps you never know… We will see you later on and meanwhile go to and play Harry Potter Match that just came out half a month prior; alright.” 

It should be called attention to now that Kaminkow is at present the Chief Game Designer at Zynga… However, it should additionally be brought up that this is likewise how Kaminkow originally declared Stern’s The Beatles! 

Hanging at Hogwarts 

This most recent clue toward a Hogwarts styled game follows long periods of theory, two or three years prior when Keith Elwin imparted his visit to George Gomez and Jody Dankberg to Universal Studios via online media, with the remark “Hanging at Hogwarts!” 

Harry Potter Next? 

Things being what they are, with Stern due another significant delivery inside the a few months, could Harry Potter be Stern Pinball’s next title? What’s more, assuming this is the case, what is it going to resemble? 

With eight movies in the arrangement there numerous highlights which could be remembered for a Harry Potter pinball machine and maybe such a large number of for one pinball machine. In any case, a raised Quidditch pitch playfield, maybe including a hostage brilliant ball to address the brilliant nark – and moving slopes, as utilized in Stern’s X-Men Limited Edition to go about as Hogwarts moving flights of stairs should definitely be givens. Playfield projectors could give the Dementors – and what about some expertise shots to help project a couple of extra spells? 

Driven Zeppelin Pinball Machine – You Heard it Here First! 

So a Stern change of Quicksilver including Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, John Bonham and Robert Plant, a Stairway to Heaven incline, Physical Graffiti ability shots, the strong Presence monolith, in addition to a liberal sprinkling of Led Zep supernatural images and created by Stern as a cutting edge take on Quicksilver; out of nowhere our new Led Zeppelin pinball machine is beginning to meet up… 

Furthermore, with Stern’s brilliant video projector innovation radiating show features straightforwardly onto the playfield, supplemented by an uprated, multi-speaker sound framework, a Stern Led Zeppelin pinball machine is truly beginning to seem like an entire lotta love.

Hear it Here First! 

Whatever highlights are remembered for a Harry Potter pinball machine, it makes certain to be a gigantic hit, with colossal interest to coordinate. In this way, try to watch out on the Pinball Heaven blog for future updates. Here it here first!


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